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Peter Grieve Archives

The Real King of the Jungle. A glorious Elephant by Peter Grieve.   ARCHIVE IMAGE

A sweet blink of the eye and this parrot can be yours by Peter Grieve. ARCHIVE IMAGE

His paws look sweet and soft but this Tiger by Peter Grieve's will pounce! ARCHIVE IMAGE

The faithfully rendered Tiger by Peter Grieve's makes the mind spin with wonder! ARCHIVE IMAGE

Another ingenious creation this time out of cutters to a Cock A Too by Metal Artist Peter Grieve.ARCHIVE IMAGE

Ruby red beak on the hovering vulture, a treasure made of cast off and recycled objects. ARCHIVE IMAGE

Recycled sea bird contemplates the open ocean journeys that await her. ARCHIVE IMAGE

Colorful plumage is replaced by colorful text in this sculpture by Peter Grieve.ARCHIVE IMAGE

The frog wants to know what you are going to do about the environment by British Artist, Peter Grieve. ARCHIVE IMAGE

A perch, a look, a jump to a tree. An uncanny gesture that metal artist, Peter Grieve manages to capture. ARCHIVE IMAGE

Read the signs of your environment on this frog by Peter Grieve. ARCHIVE IMAGE 

Slithery Snake coming your way better eat that apple quick. 

It's just a hop skip and a jump to great folk art with Peter Grieve's recycled sculptures. ARCHIVE IMAGE 

Peter Grieve's poison dart tree frog reminds us how dangerous licking frogs can be .  ARCHIVE IMAGE 

Best armadillo in these parts by an artist (Peter Grieve) who has never seen the high yeller great state of Texas. ARCHIVE IMAGE

For Taureans this bull is terrific. Peter Grieve explores the elements of cubism with recycled steel. ARCHIVE IMAGE 

A charming Texas armadillo by Peter Grieve . ARCHIVE IMAGE

A toothy gator grin from sculpture Peter Grieve. 

 The watchful eye 
of an owl. 

This life size stork is
waiting to put his beak
into something.

You are what you eat, proves this toad crafted out of tin for bugs by Peter Grieve.  ARCHIVE IMAGE

Peter Grieve captures the colorful charm of a toucan in this delicately crafted sculpture. ARCHIVE IMAGE 

Meticulously crafted king of the jungle created by Peter Grieve.

Side view of riveting riveted lion by  Peter Grieve 

Peter Grieve does it again with a lean charming cheetah ARCHIVE IMAGE 

Peter Grieve captures the sleekness of a cheetah ready to dart off to kill its prey. ARCHIVE IMAGE

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