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Click here for past exhibits in the art gallery of San Angel 

A puffer fish will gladly provide his body for a place for your plants or corn chips

 Enrique Verde provides us with a blessed virgin of the agave 

A race for space is Enrique Verde's hope in Mexico

Enrique Verde proves that you can pay homage even with the kitchen sink. 

Ladies of old always rode side saddle when riding fish on the high seas.

I'd like to be, under the sea, in Enrique's octopus's garden in the shade.

Planes, trains, automobiles and satellites are the only way to travel!

A confident calavera astride a strapping fish.

Fanned out gold fish flutter about on this large pot by Enrique Verde.

A sweet glance from
Our Lady will protect your garden

Can you come out and play in Enrique Verde's cactus garden?

Enrique Verde's smurf fantasy land

Teeth? Calaveras? 

Her comes a sting ray, wha ohh wha.

Enrique captures the critters of the lake sunning on a log

Enrique loves the sea; a fish candle holder carries the torch 

Enrique Verde is ready to share his clams and crabs with you, YIKES!

A proud family of Calaveras out on the town 


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San Angel Folk Art Gallery
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"Best Folk Art Collection in the U.S."

110 Blue Star
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Located in Southtown
less than a mile from San Antonio's downtown attractions,
the Riverwalk and the Alamo

San Angel Folk Art

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