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Santa Fe Santo artist Nicholas Herrera looks at the Statue of Liberty in a new provocative light of missiles and death.

Rhonda Kulman and Chris Ake
utilize their trademark bottle caps 
in their depiction of "Our Lady of Refreshment".

Lucia Lavilla-Havelin of San Antonio shows the Liberty playing games with the earth in an incredible embroidery piece. 
Sylvia Avenius-Ford uses  trinkets of the world to adorn her Statue.  

  Enrique Verde captures the festivities of July 4th on this cleverly used canister top.

Maria Romero Cash shows a patriotic mother embracing her children.   

Ernesto Moran displays a humble and poignant Statue of Liberty with a dove of peace in her hand.  

Onis Woodard's Statue of Liberty displays strength and pride.   

Shane Campbell's Art Express Truck shows that capitalism is alive and well in the USA.

Kathy Jankiewicz of Santa Fe lets us know that the Icon of Liberty has many viewpoints.

Lady Liberty as a Crusader  by Refugio Moran. 

Isaac Smith creates a sweet and proud true blue statue.

The sun sets on this sparkling statue of Liberty by Enrique Verde.

Ecuadorian Geraldo Rosales has his Lady Liberty being lent a hand on a powerful steed.

The Biggest, Baddest Broad of them all, Shane Campbell shows us a glowing lady.

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