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The satisfied look of a crane after a hearty meal of fish by Santa Fe carver, Miguel Rodriguez  SOLD

A unique piece by Santa Fe carver, Miguel Rodriguez shows two bats hanging around. ARCHIVE IMAGE 

This is no carving that you put on a shelf! This is a piece of art meant for action. Swinging monkey by Miguel Rodriguez ARCHIVE IMAGE 

If you have a wish you need granted, just move the head of this lucky turtle by Santa Fe carver, Miguel Rodriguez. ARCHIVE IMAGE 

Carver, Miguel Rodriguez responds to nature and gives shelter to a family of  birds. ARCHIVE IMAGE   

The Royal Spoonbill is perched to take fight carved by Miguel Rodriguez. ARCHIVE IMAGE 

 Sleek and built for speed but not longevity, the horny toad will always be in our memories. ARCHIVE IMAGE 

  Carver, Miguel Rodriguez creates a porcupine that is nothing short of amazing. ARCHIVE IMAGE 

Santa Fe carver, Miguel Rodriguez brings a pelican to life from a simple piece of wood

An appreciative kitty brings you a gift of gratuity.

Nestled in a comfy nest the hen (if you peek) lays an egg for your breakfast. ARCHIVE IMAGE 

A proud rooster checking out the fruits of his labor, by folk artist, Miguel Rodriguez.

A blue heron with a stylin' do waits for that perfect moment to fish. ARCHIVE IMAGE 

Don't you love all the hard work your kitty does for you? 

All but gone by the wayside, the Horny Toad is reincarnated with great respect and care by artist, Miguel Rodriguez.

It is one big hen lay off on this here page. Take another peek and see the prize egg on the way.


Miguel Rodriguez captures the fierce posture of the snarling Havelina hog. ARCHIVE IMAGE 

OOps! There goes that $500 dollar fish you bought at the fish fair but it was bound to be a problem anyway. ARCHIVE IMAGE 

 Miguel Rodriguez captures the looming eye of a vulture waiting to swoop down upon the victims last breath. ARCHIVE IMAGE 

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