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Sally Ozuna created her masterpiece in "Melissa", a glorious ramshackle of a house that has the objects of a character inside and out.

Sally Ozuna creates a taco stand that is taken right off the streets of San Antonio including, inside, the St. Isidro watching out for business. Get a paper and sit a while...

San Antonio artist, Sally Ozuna abounds with details! She makes a real Christmas living room with tinsel tree included to be viewed from comfy chair. 

The home improvements that never get finished or the paint can ever getting put away, you may get to it someday, right? By San Antonio artist, Sally Ozuna.

Teenager's Messy

The filth of  a toilet is a beautiful thing

Sally Ozuna shows a southside raspa stand

A close up of  Echo's raspa stand 

Sally Ozuna shows how you can dress up Mama's basement

View of Mama's basement before you look around the screen to get an eye full 

Madge always wanted gold wallpaper by Sally Ozuna

Outsider artist Sally Ozuna captures the greasy spoon

View of a Lady with too many cats 

View of a Lady with too many cats kitchen

Sally Ozuna shows the  dilapidated house of Melissa the seamstress

A view of the backporch washing of Melissa the seamstress


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