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Donald takes a walk on the sunny side of the street by Outsider Kenny Karcher Acrylic on panel, 32in round, $600.00

Kenny gives the camera a smile with his friends in the back ground.

Texas artist Kenny Karcher shows night time sleepy eyes of watch dog Pluto. Acrylic on panel, 24x48in. $600.00

Pluto and Goofy come to say a "Welcome to you" at Disneyland. 
Acrylic on Canvas, 24x36in. $600.00 SOLD
Apple core, Baltimore, who's your friend, HIM!!! Chip and Dale by Kenny Karcher, 24x36in., $600.00 

 Daisey and Donald are two dry footed ducks. Painting is Acrylic on Canvas, 18x24in, $600.00

Oh good, Kenny is coming over to play! Acrylic on Panel, 24x48in. $600.00 

Karcher captures Mickey's eternal sunny spirit. Paint on canvas, 24x36in, $600.00 

Wisk me away on a weekend of fun with Mickey and Pluto while Goofy follows along. Paint on canvas, 24x36in. $600.00 SOLD

Cars were Kenny's obsession for this body of work. Paint on canvas, 18x24in. $300.00  

Another friends automobile is on the road. Paint on canvas, 18x24in. $300.00

A gray car motors through the mountains. Paint on canvas, 18x24in. $300.00 

Another obsession that I can relate to, SHOES! Paint on canvas, 18x24in. $500.00 SOLD

A self portrait of the artist with his uncle and aunt. Paint on canvas, 18x24in. $600.00

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