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Hilario Sanchez Hernadez shows the tragic fall from grace as Adam and Eve are cast out of the Garden of Eden while Saint Michael and a snappily dressed God look on.

Viejo dance of Michoacan depicting the process of aging and dancing while you do it.  This wonderful "do not go gentle into that good night"  tree of life can be seen at San Angel Folk Art.

 A Traditional Corona shows the circle of life and all it's beauty. This and all of these amazing pieces can be seen at San Angel Folk Art in San Antonio, Texas. ARCHIVE IMAGE

A softer color palette on this lovely Corona of doves and butterflies by Hilario Hernadez Sanchez. ARCHIVE IMAGE

A beautiful cacophony of monarchs butterflies, flowers and arbol de vida by Hilario Hernandez Sanchez . ARCHIVE IMAGE

The renewing dance of the Jaguar is  seen here interpereted by Tree of Life artist, Hilario Hernandez Sanchez . ARCHIVE IMAGE

The Virgin Guadalupe appears to Juan Diego on an enchanted rock. The Virgin is a symbol of the Mestizo faith and it's first sighting can be seen at The Basillica outside Mexico City.   ARCHIVE IMAGE

A true Aztec symbol, the great eclipse is captured by Mexican Master, Hilario Hernandez Sanchez

A glorious dancer de Muerte goes it alone in the traditional Hat dance by Mexican artist, Hilario Hernandez Sanchez. ARCHIVE IMAGE

The bloom of the Mexican foliage sees the migration of the Monarch Butterflies and their nourishment. Rarer and rarer in the Mexican landscape. RECYCLE PEOPLE! 

Hilario Hernadez Sanchez shows the joy of the dancers and audience of the Mexican Hat Dance from  Jalisco in this traditional Day of the Dead Arbol. ARCHIVE IMAGE

A hopeful orgy of Monarchs shows the resiliency of nature to rebound from our mistakes. This is Hilario's favorite piece because it shows that when man is gone nature will still survive.  Give to your favorite Monarch Butterfly Refuge.  ARCHIVE IMAGE

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