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Haitian Voudou Banner/Flag
All of the La Sirenne's rituals take place near water , she will bring you luck and money.
31 x 41 inches $795.

In order to maintain their spiritual integrity, the Haitian Vodou practitioners had to mask their Loa, Erzulie Frieda is seen as the Virgin of Prague with child. Oh, and she is a virgin for all of her flirting. 35 x 26 inches $775.
Haitian Banner
Angel to watch over you and your beloved. This exquisite piece is a bomb of bugle beads!
26 x 37 inches, $850
Haitian Banner
A Loa of smooth transition in this life and onto the next. 17 x 21 inches, $260

Dambalah is the father of all Loa and he represents peace and serenity.
17 x 21 inches, $275
Haitian Voodou Flag/Banner
All of the La Sirenne's rituals take place near water but be careful not to jump into the H2O if you are possessed.
30 x 36 inches $775.
Haitian Banner
This is Simbi Damballah, if you steal her golden comb you will be rich forever and get to leave her underwater fortress sooner rather than later!
18 x 20 inches, $375

Dambala Woedo is a benevolent and loving father that gives us a comforting presence and general optimism.
34x29 inches $495 

The Loa, Bossou is very fierce and capable of defeating his enemies. He also protects his followers as they travel at night. 
When he has 3 horns they represent strength, wildness, and violence.
30x30 inches $450.

Survival is the power of St. Jacque in the trying times just past in Haiti. 
31 x 41 inches. $575 
Voodou Flag Banner
A kneeling Saint Isidore is a mask for the Loa, Zaka. He is the spirit of hard work and hard play.
34x23 inches $495.
Haitian Banner
On this Haitian flag the Grand Bois is the overseer and protector of wildlife. He does not like to be seen much. He just wants to sit in the dark and eat his vegetation.
32 x 32 inches $450.
Haitian Banner
Barron will help you through your transitions in life. 18 x 21 inches, $240


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