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 Who doesn't need a four 
foot high, twenty hole, 
sunflower candelabra?  

This negro copal muerto 
burner is exquisite on 
closer inspection.

Whimsy and carnival are brought to mind with this seven tiered candelabra. 

It's not "green" ware but it is from Michoacan just the same. This exquisite pumpkin set has delicate detail and many beautiful parts to it. This is a very special piece. 

Each piece is hand 
molded and lovingly 
placed on the pineapple
to create an amazingly
intricate piece.

A very realistic depiction 
of a  pineapple, the 
symbol of hospitality.

A gorgeous seven-tiered
candelabra  from
Michoachan with two 
beautiful blue doves.

Golden calla lilies and two
 loving doves top this 
amazing pineapple

Friendly daisies and
doves are the crowning
glory of this pineapple

A candle of union and
love shown in the three-
tiered candelabra with
two loving doves. 

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