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Shane Campbell

According to Shane Campbell, he aspired to become a fine craftsman. Instead, he has become a renowned artist. Campbell’s hand carved and extensively inscribed wooden sculptures make trenchant observations on the state of our nation; the character of his neighbors, friends, and enemies; and ongoing battles between good (compassion, family, friends, and Anna Nicole Smith, to name a few) and evil (insurance companies, contemporary Republicans, and a rogue TV repairman to name a few more). His works reveal him as a satirist, a polemicist, and a rabble-rouser. He is the Mark Twain of wood.

Born in New Hampshire and raised in Tennessee, Campbell is the son of an antique dealer who was also an accomplished carver. As a child, Campbell admired his father who specialized in American antiques and carved dolls and animals with a precision and grace. After working some years for a Fortune 500 company, Campbell decided to follow in his father’s footsteps, becoming not only a carver but a collector and trader of American antiques, some of which he includes in his work.

Campbell has been featured at the Outsider Art Fair at the Puck Building, the Kentucky Arts Fair, and Folkfest, as well as Slotkin Auctions. His work is in the permanent collections of the Chicago House of Blues and the Orlando House of Blues, the Mennello Folk Art Museum in Orlando, the Milwaukee Museum of Art, and the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum. His work has also been featured at the American Visionary Museum in Baltimore, MD



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