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  "Negro"- Danza de los Negros 

Danza mask of the Monarco from the Naranja province.
"Ermitano" of the Pastorela danza  from Acachuen

"Marainguia y Viejo" the Danza of the young flirt and the old man.

"Diablo" of the Pastorela danza from Huancito.

"Diablo" of the Pastorela danza from Huancito.

"Chere" Danza de los Cheres from Patamban.

"Negrito" Danza de los Negritos from Charapan

 Blue Mask from Tocuaro

"Rey Negro" 
Pastorela from Turicuaro

"Maria" Danza de los "cheres" from Patamban

"Nanita" danza de "cheres" from Patamban

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