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Lucy Fradkin - "Plum Island"
25 x 20 inches

Artist Statement:
Replete with references to the ancient frescoes and mosaics of the Etruscans, Romans and Byzantines, my large-scale paintings on paper capture a timeless moment through a contemporary eye. Inspired by the sacred and folk arts and the vanishing art of hand-painted signage, I create portraits of diverse individuals, gathering images when traveling and at home in New York City. For the past 8 years I have concentrated on a series of figurative works painted in oil, gouache or acrylic gouache on paper. At times I incorporate collaged decorative elements from a variety of sources, including old catalogs, field guides and vintage books into the work. I use color and pattern to evoke emotion and tell stories of daily life, where the viewer is drawn into an intimate world. My work is clearly inspired by the traditional, but the impact of personal history is evident in the quiet presentation of issues of gender and race.

Lucy Fradkin - "The Good Fairy"
43x31 inches

Lucy Fradkin - "39 birds, 2 Women and a boy"
21x17 inches

Lucy Fradkin - "Mixed Emotions"
25 x 20 inches

Lucy Fradkin - "Wall Flower"
9 x 7 inches
Lucy Fradkin Archives

Lucy Fradkin - "The Bride wore White"
21x18 inches $2,800

Lucy Fradkin - "Six Bunnies"
8 x 7 inches

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