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Texas State Fair
We all believe our furry children are little angels especially a beagle by Keith Davis.
Texas State Fair
The pecking order having a lovely breakfast in the wilds by Keith Davis.
Texas State Fair
Cactus on Moonscape with Skull by Keith Davis.
Texas State Fair
Fish head curry, the best way to eat spicey food, with out the next day pain!
Texas State Fair
I think I see the Big Lebowski just to the right of this dedicated bowler. "F*$k it Dude, let's go bowl."
Texas State Fair
A vibrant quetzal relief sculpture. You must own this! by Keith Davis
Texas State Fair
Singing a highlonesome by the campfire with his best friend by Keith Davis.

A forever bouquet of roses for your love by Keith Davis!

The great movie, Giant with a brooding James Dean and the strongwilled Elizabeth Taylor by Keith Davis!

Smart and cleanly feather pruning is a wise and wonderful thing for the Heron by Keith Davis!

A nod to the wide and wild landscape of ranchlands by Keith Davis!

Contemplation on a life full of beauty by Keith Davis!

Stilized fanning out of the proud peacock on display by Keith Davis!

The rare and sweet horny toad peeks out from under a mark of time skull in this delightful sculptural landscape by Keith Davis!

YeeHaww y'all! Ready for a ride by Keith Davis!

Keith Davis makes a still life jump out at you and even gives you flowers, a pear and a jewelry box to put your treasures in!

A minimal study of Monument Valley by Keith Davis!

This breathtaking bouquet of Gladioli can not be believed until you have seen it in person, the vase and doily are equally stunning by Keith Davis.

A red crested black bird cuts through the by Keith Davis.

Inspired by a Japanese man hole cover, this wonderfully odd ball painting is relief as well by Keith Davis!

Keith Davis continues his sea themed work with a gull, a beautiful sky and a boat .
Texas State Fair
A thoughtful gaze to the horizon of life by Keith Davis.

Study in undulation of the tree by Keith Davis!

Slim and stern cowboy looks your way by Keith Davis!
Texas State Fair
Two lovey doves forage for a nip of a meal by Keith Davis.

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